Amazon Showcase 1.2 – Now With More Template-y Goodness

UPDATE: I reached a critical number of requests for the ability to create multiple instances of this widget, so I made some quick updates and pushed out version 1.3. Enjoy!

I’ve just wrapped up version 1.2 of the Amazon Showcase WordPress Widget. Besides some minor updates improving performance, this release included a new “Template” option to satisfy a highly requested feature regarding output customization.

Amazon Showcase WordPress Widget

User’s now have the ability to define a “templates” for each item displayed. This provides total flexibility over the HTML that is generated and outputted in the widget. There are several pre-defined ‘tags’ that you can use within the templates as placeholders for product information. For example, any instance of the tag ‘[author]’ in the template will be replaced by the product’s author name when outputted.

Head over to the Amazon Showcase WordPress Widget project page for more information and to download; and of course, feel free to send me any comments or suggestions you have!


  1. out of the blue 1.3 has stopped function properly. I get “Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/content/r/o/o/rootsnrooted/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/amazon-showcase-wordpress-widget/AmazonShowcase.php on line 40”

    And all widgets that should appear below it disappear. (including meta sign in)

    I deactivated it, of course. But why is it failing all of a sudden? I upgraded to 1.3 when it came out and now today it acts up??

    Any suggestions for a low tech guy?

  2. I love this plugin, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working in the latest version of WordPress. I get a fatal error that appears randomly. It’s like every 3 or 4 times I open my site, I’d get the error. I had to deactivate it unfortunately. I LOVE the plugin though!

  3. Michael says:

    I add multiple items, but it’s only saving the last one. Any thoughts?

  4. Had to disable plug-in due to fatal errors as shown above. “Pushed out version?” – don’t like the idea of developer killing my web-site. Removing plug-in and looking for an alternative…

  5. thank for plugin it is work i love it easy to make money

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