The Difference Between Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Employees

The difference between Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Employees is a topic I have been contemplating often as of late. If you are a working individual, you most likely fall into one of these three roles, and although the distinction between Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner may be subtle, it is an important distinction. Seth Godin wrote a good post regarding these differences:

The essence, I think, is that entrepreneurs think big thoughts and do big things, while small business owners settle, working their way through the day to day.

My journey to move myself out of the role of employee has ultimately landed me on the question of who I would rather be: an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner. It is quite obvious that Entrepreneurship is the latest fad among people. I believe this the case due to the glamour that is associated with the coveted role. Small Business Owners are average Joe’s: wealthy, but without fame. In my opinion, this is a great place to be.

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